The Centre activity is carried out in accordance with the Programme — a complex document approved by Moscow State University rector Viktor Antonovich Sadovnichii.

The main Centre objectives are arranged in four areas:

  • key integrated research and development projects implementation;
  • legal protection insurance, rights management and the protection of IP created by the Centre and IP transferred to the Centre management;
  • development and implementation of higher education basic programmes aimed at the quantum technologies competencies formation;
  • scientific, scientific-technical and innovation activity infrastructure development.

The Centre's programme implementation strategic goals are based on three principles:

  • In scientific-technical area: to overcome technological gaps in quantum technologies sphere — between scientific developments in the intermediate-scale quantum computers and the appropriate element base creation;
  • In commercial area: to launch two types of products to the global market, they are:
    1. network encryption devices based on quantum key distribution for the backbone fiber-optic communication between data centers;
    2. intermediate-scale quantum computers based on neutral atoms and photonic chips with remote network access for test problems based on quantum algorithms solving;
  • In educational area:
    1. to launch three educational programs aimed at generalists training in applied quantum technologies field ("Quantum cryptography and quantum communication"; "Quantum computing" and "Quantum optical technologies");
    2. to launch an additional quantum technologies qualification educational system for technological enterprises employees;
    3. to launch an online quantum technologies educational system for the widest possible audience.

Lomonosov Moscow State University won the prestigious RF Competence Centres support competition for the end-to-end technologies in the "Quantum Technologies" area in December 2017. A structural subdivision of Moscow State University, Faculty of Physics — Quantum Technology Centre was formed in February 2018 by the MSU rector, academician V.A. Sadovnichii's order.