Quantum technology Education lab

Quantum physics is one of the most challenging and at the same time demanded branches of modern physics. Its relevance growths due to the development of quantum (especially quantum information) technologies. At the same time, its complexity stems from the fact that its basic principles completely contradict our experience. Therefore, only practical experience with quantum systems can provide a complete understanding of the laws of quantum physics. To solve this problem, the Center for Quantum Technology of Moscow State University has developed an educational and scientific complex for practical work in quantum optics and quantum informatics. It allows you to experimentally explore the basic laws of quantum physics (superposition principle, uncertainty relations, entanglement, violation of Bell's inequalities, etc.) by the example of problems of quantum informatics (quantum key distribution, quantum random number generator, tomography of quantum states and processes). The tasks are implemented on the simplest and most intuitive physical platform - the platform of quantum optics.

Physical Educational Lab Tasks

Light polarisation module2

The light polarisation module allows one to implement the preparation and measuring procedures of a…

Quantum optics2

The quantum part of the complex consists of 5 modules connected to each other by a single-mode…