Andrei Fedianin
Andrei Fedianin
Руководитель сектора
Доктор физико-математических наук

Head of the nanophotonics sector.

PhD in Physics and Mathematics (1997). Grand Doctor in Physics and Mathematics (2009). Professor (2013). Professor in the department of Quantum Electronics MSU Faculty of Physics (2011‒present time.).

Vice-rector and head of Science Policy Department (2014–present time.).

Ph.D. thesis: "DC-electric-field-induced second-harmonic generation in semiconductor structures and thin films". Grand Doctor of Science thesis: "Second- and third harmonic generation spectroscopy of silicon nanostructures, photonic crystals, and microcavities"

Reading courses: "Nano-optics and optical control of single nanoparticles in optical tweezers", "Experimental methods of quantum electronics", "Nonlinear optics", "Optics and nonlinear optics of photonic crystals and optical superlattices".

Major works: tutorials: "Special Workshop on Molecular Physics" (et al., 2010), "Special Workshop on Molecular Physics and Quantum Electronics" (et al., 2011), "Obtaining and Research of Nanostructures. Laboratory workshop on nanotechnology" (co-author, 2011), "Special workshop on quantum electronics" (co-author, 2018). Has patents.