Oleg Snigirev
Oleg Snigirev
Head of the Sector
Grand Doctor in Physics and Mathematics

Head of single-atom single-electronic devices sector.

PhD in physics and mathematics (1972). Grand Doctor in physics and mathematics (1990). Professor (1997). Head of the chair of semiconductors (2014-present time; principal research fellow (1993-2014), Head of the Cryoelectronics Laboratory (1993-present time) in Chair of Atomic Physics, Plasma Physics and Microelectronics MSU Faculty of Physics.

Lomonosov award (2005). Honored Research fellow of MSU (2008).

Area of research interests: theory of superconducting quantum magnetometers-SQUIDs. Recieved Lomonosov award in collaboration with M. Iu. Kuprianov for works "Microscopic theory of Josephson junctions and its implementation in superconducting nanotechnology and scientific instrumentation".

PhD thesis - "Periodic Processes in a Delayed Self-Oscillating System".

Grand Doctor thesis - "Superconducting quantum interferometers: dynamics of processes, manufacturing techniques, applications in magnetometry".

Reading courses: "Dynamics of Josephson junctions", "Processes in nanostructures and electronic devices based on quantization of magnetic flux and electric charge". Has 7 copyright certificates.