Master's program "Quantum Computing"

The master's program aims to train specialists of a new type – quantum engineers, specialists in the development of hardware components and software for quantum computers.

in laboratory of quantum computing

The interdisciplinary master's program includes both in-depth study of the theory of quantum information processing, the theory of quantum computing and quantum algorithms, as well as the necessary sections of physics that underlie the physical models of quantum computing. In particular, this includes quantum optics, physics of cold atoms, physics of condensed matter, and the interaction of radiation with matter. Training under the program assumes the maximum variability of courses and the ability to choose a personal work plan. Students can specialize in two main areas:

  • theory of quantum computing and software development for quantum computers;
  • physical models of quantum computing and development of the element base of quantum computers.

All students of the program undergo practical training in the laboratories of the MSU QTC, Faculty of Physics, or in partner organizations working toward creating prototypes of quantum computing systems on various element base.

The program is designed both for specialists with physical education and for mathematicians, engineers, and programmers. A set of introductory courses in the first semester will allow specialists in various fields to fill in the missing knowledge necessary for further mastering the program.

 neutral atoms in optical lattices

The quantum register of single neutral atoms in optical microtraps is the basis of the quantum computer being developed at the MSU QTC.

This program contains courses for the training of specialists in experimental physics related to the creation of quantum computing systems.