Семинар Центра квантовых технологий
Sergey Podoshvedov
South Ural State University
Date and time
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We report an efficient way to generate both even and odd optical analogs of Schrӧdinger cat states (SCSs) which are a superposition of two coherent states with opposite amplitudes. The resources consumed are single mode squeezed vacuum (SMSV) state and single photons. SCSs are formed after superimposing the input states with the subsequent detection of the number of photons in the auxiliary mode. We report the generation of eve/odd SCSs of amplitude 4.2 with fidelity >0.99 and an acceptable for offline experiments success probability. There is a tendency towards an increase in the size of the SCSs more demonstrated with an increase in the number of extracted photons. Entanglement is a key resource for quantum information processing, and so algorithms to generate entangled states on various hardware platforms are in demand. Extending the method allows us to generate multipartite entangled states (GHZ, W, cluster states) with SCSs.

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