Observation of Spatiotemporal Self-Compression of Pulses in One-Dimensional Waveguide Arrays Fabricated by Laser Writing

A. A. Arkhipova, S. A. Zhuravitskii, N. N. Skryabin, I. V. D’yakonov, A. A. Kalinkin, S. P. Kulik, S. V. Chekalin, Ya. V. Kartashov, B. N. Zadkov & V. O. Kompanets

JETP Letters, 117, 5, 339-343 (2023)

The features of nonlinear propagation of high-intensity pulses in the short-wavelength infrared range in extended one-dimensional waveguide arrays with different spatial periods, formed in fused silica by laser writing, are studied. More than tenfold self-compression of femtosecond pulses up to a duration of several periods of the light field is experimentally observed.