Two-qubit quantum photonic processor manufactured by femtosecond laser writing

N.N. Skryabin, I.V. Kondratyev, I.V. Dyakonov, O.V. Borzenkova, S.P. Kulik, S.S. Straupe

Applied Physics Letters, 122, 12, 121102 (2023)

We present an experimental implementation of a two-qubit photonic quantum processor fabricated using femtosecond laser writing technology. We employ femtosecond laser writing to create a low-loss reconfigurable photonic chip, implementing precise single-qubit and two-qubit operations. We present a careful characterization of the performance of single- and two-qubit gates. An exemplary application of estimating the ground state energy of an H2 molecule using the variational quantum eigensolver algorithm is demonstrated. Our results highlight the potential of the femtosecond laser writing technology to deliver high quality small-scale quantum photonic processors.