Method of Producing Elements with Nanostructures for Local Probe Systems

D.E. Presnov, I.V. Bozhiev, V.A. Krupenin, O.V. Snigirev
Invention relates to microelectronics technology, and can be used for producing functional elements of nanoelectronics. The method of manufacturing elements with nanostructures for local probe systems comprises application on the substrate of monocrystalline silicon with orientation {100} of at least one layer of masking coating, in which a template pattern is formed with determining of at least three regions disposed on mutually perpendicular axes coinciding with two perpendicular crystallographic axis <110> of the substrate, setting the direction of the substrate breaking to the corresponding number of elements and forming on the surface of the masking coating of each element near the intersection point of the said axes of the platform for placement of the nanostructure, liquid etching of the substrate through the template pattern formed in the masking coating till appearance of etching figures in the substrate body in the form of triangular grooves formed by the intersection of planes {111} of the substrate, the formation of nanostructures on the said platforms with lithographic methods and dividing the substrate to the said elements along the lines formed by the grooves.
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