G.A. Zharik, S.A. Dagesian, E.S. Soldatov, I.V. Bozhiev, D.E. Presnov, V.A. Krupenin, O.V. Snigirev
Layer of resist is applied, which is chosen as a low-molecular-weight polystyrene, onto the substrate by the method of thermal vacuum deposition,whilethetemperatureofthesubstrateduring the deposition is not more than 30°C; a latent image is formed on the substrate by local exposure of a high-energy electron beam with a light dose of 2000-20000 mcC/cm²; a resist is developed, when the substrate is heated in a vacuum to the temperature of 600-800 K and at the pressure of not more than 10⁻¹ mbar and plasma etching to transfer the pattern of the resist mask to the substrate to form the micro- and nanostructure on the substrate.
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