N-Channel Linear Converter of Electromagnetic Signals and Method of Realizing Multichannel Linear Conversion

Saigin M.Iu., Diakonov I.V., Straupe S.S., Kondratiev I.V., Kulik S.P.
Invention relates to methods of creating devices which perform linear conversion of electromagnetic signals between a large number of channels. Invention is an N-channel linear converter of electromagnetic signals, where N>2, comprising N channels for signals and M signal mixing units, each of which includes N inputs and N outputs and is characterized by a transfer matrix with complex elements of modulus less than 1, wherein mixing units are connected in series, and at least one input and one output of at least one mixing unit comprises a phase shift element, wherein the mixing units are made with transfer matrices, for which the ratio of at least two corresponding elements of the transfer matrices of at least two mixing units is different from 1, and at the input of at least one mixing unit the number of phase shift elements does not exceed N-2 and the signal conversion method used by the converter.
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