Educational and Scientific Laboratory Bench for Quantum Optics and Quantum Computer Science

Katamadze K.G.
Invention relates to the field of optics and quantum physics and relates to the educational and scientific laboratory bench for conducting studies of polarization and correlation properties of single-photon, biphoton, coherent and thermal light fields, Hong-Ou-Mandel interference and homodyne detection. Test bench includes a pumping laser module, a biphoton source module, polarization measurement modules in channels A and B, a correlation measurement module, a coherent and thermal state source module and a homodyne detection module. Biphoton source module includes a polarization controller and nonlinear crystals. Channels A and B contain polarization controllers of biphoton radiation, a polarization filter and/or a beam splitter. Correlation measurement module comprises single-photon detectors connected to a pulse correlator connected to a computer. Coherent and thermal state source module comprises a laser and a beam splitter which divides light into two channels, in one of which a matte disk is placed, which is intended for modulation of phase and amplitude laser radiation at random.
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