Error-Resistant Multichannel Polarizing Converter of Electromagnetic Signals

Saigin M. Iu., Fldzhian S. A., Kulik S. P.

FIELD: transformation of electromagnetic signals.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to methods for creating devices that perform linear transformations of electromagnetic signals between large numbers of channels. The invention is an error-resistant multichannel polarizing converter of electromagnetic signals containing N channels formed by waveguides, made with the possibility ofsimultaneoustransmission of two signals with orthogonal polarization states, N inputs, N outputs and 2N cascaded layers, where the outputs of the previous layer are connected to the corresponding inputs of the next layer. Each of the layers includes N layer inputs, N layer outputs and 4-channel conversion units, each of which includes two input waveguides, two output waveguides, one static divider equipped with two input waveguides and two output waveguides, two static polarizing rotation elements, two phase shift elements.

EFFECT: decreased sensitivity of interferometers capable of implementing a wide class of multi-channel transformations using polarization coding to errors in its static elements, which lead to a decreased quality of the implemented transformations.

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