Quantum metrology beyond Heisenberg limit with bright quantum solitons

А. П. Алоджанц — Quantum metrology beyond Heisenberg limit with bright quantum solitons
Семинар Центра квантовых технологий
A. P. Alodjants
ITMO University
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In my talk I am going to discuss some principle advantages which may be obtained with bright solitons for quantum metrology purposes. To be more specific I am focusing on matter-wave (Bose-Einstein condensate) solitons which can be used in this case. The linear and nonlinear metrology approaches will be discussed. I will show that bright quantum solitons provide a unique opportunity to achieve Super Heisenberg scaling (1/N^(3/2)) for phase estimation procedure even with coherent probes. I will show how further improvement of the phase estimation accuracy may be achieved by means of newly proposed soliton Josephson junction (SJJ) device, which consists of two weakly-coupled soliton-shape condensates. The formation of specific entangled Fock state superposition is predicted and examided in details for established quantum SJJ-model. We have shown that the obtained quantum state is more resistant to moderate particle losses in current metrological schemes with phase measurement and estimation.

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