Method for Modulation of Electromagnetic Radiation Intensity Using Magnetoplasmonic Crystal

A.A. Grunin, A.V. Chetvertukhin, M.I. Sharipova, T.V. Dolgova, A.A. Fedianin
Invention refers to optics, namely to a light intensity modulation method for optical and near infrared ranges. The invention can be used in the applied magneto-optics, optoelectronics, photonics, as well as sensor technology. The method for intensity modulation of transmitted or reflected electromagnetic radiation using a magnetoplasmonic crystal includes creation of a bidimensional magnetoplasmonic crystal consisting of a transparent dielectric substrate, a two- dimensional array of noble metal particles of subwave size immersed into the thin magnetic dielectric layer with a thickness not smaller than the particle size; lighting of magnetoplasmonic crystal by TM-polarized electromagnetic radiation upon application of a magnetic field in the geometry of the equatorial magneto-optical Kerr effect.
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