Докладчик: Иван Дьяконов (Центр квантовых технологий МГУ)

Дата: 09 июня 2020

Время: 15:00

Семинар проходит в режиме видеоконференции.

Трансляция семинара будет проводиться в режиме реального времени на YouTube-канале ЦКТ

The talk covers recent advances of the Quantum technology centre research in linear-optical quantum computing. Firstly, we will discuss the technological approaches to fabrication of the linear-optical programmable interferometers developed in the lab and in the collaboration with FMN nanofabrication center. This topic also includes research on the interferometer architectures and design methods to achieve best possible performance of linear optical circuits. Secondly we will highlight our recent achievement in optimizing the linear optical circuit generating the entangled three-photon state - the 3-qubit Greenberge-Horne-Zeilinger type state.