A SQUID Magnetometer-Based Readout System for an Inertial Navigation System

Rzhevskiy A.V., Snigirev O.V., Maslennikov Yu V., Slobodchikov V.Yu.

Moscow University Physics Bulletin, 75, 4, 336-341 (2020)

The characteristics of a SQUID magnetometer-based readout system for a superconducting gyroscope-based inertial navigation system (INS) are investigated. The transformation function of the rotation angle of the gyroscope simulator to the voltage at the magnetometer output with a value close to 6.5 mV/deg is calculated and measured. This value corresponds to 4.1 V/deg for a superconducting gyroscope with a rotor diameter of 30 mm. Zero voltage drifts with a duration of up to 8 h are measured on the SQUID magnetometer. A drift of 10−6 deg/h was detected.