Ultrafast Magneto-Optics in Nickel Magnetoplasmonic Crystals

I.A. Novikov, M.A. Kiryanov, P.K. Nurgalieva, A.Yu. Frolov, V.V. Popov, T.V. Dolgova, and A.A. Fedyanin

Nano Letters , 20, 12, 8615-8619 (2020)

Here, we report on ultrafast all-optical modulation of the surface-plasmon (SP)-assisted transverse magneto-optical Kerr effect (TMOKE) and the reflectance in a one-dimensional nickel magnetoplasmonic crystal (MPC). A 50 fs nonresonant laser pump pulse with 7 mJ/cm² fluence reduces the magnetization by 65%, which results in the suppression of TMOKE in the SP-resonant probe from 1.15% to 0.4%. The differential reflectance of SP-resonant probe achieves 5.5%. Besides this, it is shown that electron thermalization and relaxation in MPC are several times slower than those in the plane nickel.