Quantum Simulator Based on Single Neutral Atoms

vacuum camera2

Digital quantum simulator is a device to execute specialized quantum algorithms for modelling other quantum systems and for solving a wide range of optimization problems.

One of the quantum simulator prototypes which is being developed at the MSU QTC is based on a quantum register of single rubidium atoms captured in an array of optical tweezers. This technology makes it possible to create 2D atoms arrays with controlled interactions that can be used as physical qubits in a quantum simulator.

A cloud access system to the developed simulator will soon be implemented.

Single-Atom Single-Electron Transistor

single-atom transistor

A solid-state single-atom single-electron transistor is produced on a single-crystal semiconductor or dielectric substrate surface, where single impurity atoms are preliminarily implanted in the surface layer. The drain and source electrodes are placed on the crystal surface such that single-electron tunneling between the drain and source electrodes and the impurity atom (which is the working charge centre) becomes possible. Gate electrodes are created on the substrate surface at a distance from the impurity atom that excludes the tunneling possibility.

Linear Optical Quantum Simulator


Linear optical quantum simulator is based on single-photon quantum states. Multiphoton states are transformed by a programmable linear optical interferometer and then the output is measured by single photon counters. In such a system, logical-state-space dimension can be very large that makes it possible to realize computational advantage over classical computers in a number of tasks.

ViPNet QSS "Quantum" Phone

vipnet qss phone

Quantum Technology Centre together with the InfoTeCS company is developing and creating a device providing secure document management based on quantum keys. The device allows secure exchange of voice messages, files, and communication via video calls.

The pre-series sample of the first in Russia "quantum" phone ViPNet QSS Phone, which is part of the ViPNet Quantum Security System (ViPNet QSS), was demonstrated by InfoTeCS and the Faculty of Physics MSU Quantum Technology Centre on May 28, 2019.